Sunday, 9 September 2012

Commeth the Man, Commeth the winter.

This year had very strange and challenging weather. First, until March there was a drought where we had very low rainfall all winter and hose pipe bans. Of course, from the day the hose pipe bans were announced we had continuous rain until the water company removed them. It was certainly one of the wettest droughts on record!
The consequences of this period of rain have been felt in our apple crop. We have around a dozen old apple trees that were originally put in long before we came to our home... and they haven’t shown the slightest hint of an apple this year! Normally it’s a case of not even being able to harvest them all – we give a lot of them to the sheep every year. This year nada. For the first time since we moved into this house we have had to buy in apples for crumble! The Shame!
One good result of the rains is that unlike last year I have not been stung by a horde of evil bees while doing the scything. On the other hand the rain seems to have encouraged the evil red ants to make dozens of nests in the long grass. Swish! Goeth the scythe. Attack! Goeth the ants. Let me tell you now ants in your pants is NOT FUNNY.
I seem to be very sensitive to them. My skin goes really red and scratchy.
Tomatoes... blight.
Runner Beans have done well.
Sweatcorn... we were lucky. The rain stopped at just the right time so this year our sweatcorn crop is better than ever. Delicious, too!
Sorry about the lack of updates on the blog. I will try to write more often, but my original plans went haywire due to medical problems which meant that something had to go... and this blog was it! But maybe I will post more often now things have settled down.
Hint for the day: If you are scything in a tall meadow, make sure that you wear long trousers, and tuck them into your socks for maximum protection. You don’t want ants in your pants! Oh, no sir.

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