Monday, 21 March 2011

Search questions

Every now and again someone comes to the blog through a search which I don’t think the site has answered yet, so I thought it might be useful for me to answer a few of the questions they type into Google. Just because I am a nice fellow. Several of the recent ones have been about vegetable gardens.

So here they are
garden paths for vegetable gardens

Here is the thing, with a path; you need to consider the size of the wheelbarrow or lawn mower you are going to use. That is the biggest factor. In our garden we use a simple grass path. You can also use a gravel path.

Basically, as a rule of thumb, when you are starting a garden I suggest non permanent. Once you are sure you have the layout right, you can dig the path, put weed proof membrane down, and secure the edge with wooden planks and stakes. 

Once you have the edge, bark mulch is probably the best topping,

Of course, there are a lot of other ways to do things, and I’ll probably write something more detailed eventually.

raw egg to make tomato plants grow

Not a very good idea. Sure, there will be some nutrients in the egg, but by far the cheapest solution is to use normal compost, and feed the tomato plant with a tomato feed. It will work really well. Plus, a local fox won’t dig your tomato plant up to eat the egg.

time of year for weeding

Yes, it is. In fact, you can weed any time of year, but you shouldn’t go on the soil to dig when it is too wet. Basically, if your foot is covered in mud only weed from the path. You can use a plank to distribute your weight evenly while you are weeding. During spring there is the difficulty it can be hard to know what is weed or what really valuable plant is. So be careful of not weeding self seeded plants that could be valuable. Go for the big weeds.

when to plant tomato plants

The best time to plant tomato is 90 days before you want to harvest them. The other thing to consider is frosts. If you are still experiencing them, or likely to have frosts, you need to keep the tomato plants warmer using fleece or heating pad.

when to start tomato in window box

That’s a pretty neat idea actually. 90 days before you want to harvest is the latest time you should sow them. If you are doing it as a window box, you can easily store them indoors. If I were you I would consider adding something low growing like, say, alpine strawberries, as well. 

The resulting container is going to get a little awkward so try to get a smaller variety of tomato plant.
Because you are not entirely limited on the frost front, you could even start them now.

Sp I hope those answers to the search queries people have been reaching this blog are useful to anyone who decides to come here in the future. All part of the service J

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