Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Up the garden path - More Sheep.

Sorry about not posting much today. We have two new lambs, born today, healthy and well. It seems Mr Ram has been naughty. I was suspecting that we would get them this year, because we knew he'd got in without the usual permissions, but... well... two lambs earlier than expected.

Need to put iodine on them, check they are well. From the look of things they are feeding well, and look OK.

The weather today has been fantastic, we are planning to add some more spring bulbs in front of the kitchen window, and the Rhubarb is coming up well. We've noticed Raspberries leaves forming at the bottom of the canes.

It is also getting dark a lot latter than a couple of weeks ago... I think it may even be past the spring equinox. I noticed the neighbor's cats have been reproducing as well... their is another black and white youngster lounging in our garden.

Anyway, I will write again tomorrow... sheep to look after

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